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Encouraging Christians across the UK to stand together and express our confidence that Jesus Christ is good news for our nation.




What is Not Ashamed?

The Not Ashamed campaign is about standing together and speaking up for the value of that Christian framework and the place of Jesus Christ in the face of apathy, attack and uncertainty about the Christian message. In the midst of the big challenges that our country currently faces, 'Not Ashamed' provides an opportunity to be visible and vocal for Jesus Christ in public life, explaining how He is good news for our communities and how He is the only one who can provide a robust framework for our life together.

Watch Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali explain the need for Not Ashamedhere. Watch other Christians speak about Not Ashamed here.

Find out more about what is happening here.




More than any other person, Jesus Christ has shaped our society, for the good of all. The values and freedoms that flow from Him have been embedded in our culture and laws, bringing great benefit to our nation. Our literature, our art and our architecture have all been influenced by Him whilst the Christian framework has given rise to scientific endeavour, economic enterprise and social institutions such as schools, hospitals and welfare organisations. Today Christians remain heavily involved in society, fuelled by their faith in Jesus Christ and knowing that only He can provide a solid foundation for our communities and nation.

Yet the truths, values and behaviour consistent with that foundation are under attack, to the detriment of the whole of society. There is mounting pressure to exclude Jesus Christ from public life, consigning Him instead to the realm of the ‘private and personal’. Increasingly, Christians are encountering attempts to restrict their freedom to speak and live in accordance with biblical teaching in the workplace and in public life (you can read more about some of those affected here).

Of course, it would be easy for the Church to shut herself behind closed doors and for her voice to the nation to fall silent. In many quarters, such a crisis of confidence has already taken root and for this we must seek forgiveness and change from God. In these challenging times Christians need to stand together and speak clearly of Jesus Christ as ‘good news’ not only for individuals but for society as a whole. The Church must regain her confidence that Jesus Christ is the only hope for our nation and must again speak with clarity, compassion and courage of the life to be found in Him alone – for His sake and for the sake of a society that so greatly needs Him.

It is this conviction that Jesus Christ is good news for all and the desire that our nation would receive Him rather than reject Him that has given rise to the Not Ashamed campaign.